2023 ISG Summit:
Uniting Minds, Igniting Change

For the second edition of the ISG Summit, we utilized all the experiences we gained from the 2022 ISG Summit and managed to make it an even more special event. 

The 2023 ISG Summit brought together 100 delegates from 25 countries and 20 German cities. Featuring 14 hours of captivating content and 5 incredible keynote speeches, the summit left participants informed, inspired, and empowered. 

The Workshop

During the ISG Summit 2023, a significant highlight was the three-day workshop led by Moksha Shah and Mithil Barath, two City Chapter presidents.

The students in attendance were assigned to tackle a pressing issue that international students face in Germany. Working in groups, they had to develop a creative solution and present it via video on the final day.

The pitches were evaluated by all participants and a small jury.

The victorious team, called Bubbless, was rewarded with a valuable 1:1 mentorship session with Migrapreneur.

Our Host

Liam, a former professional basketball player from England, deals with this culture shock in Germany using dry British humor on social media.

Our Speakers

Ana is a serial entrepreneur, expert in migration and innovation. She’s not only the founder of the award-winning Migration Hub but also founder and CEO of Migrapreneur. In her keynote speech, she conveyed to the participants their significance for Germany’s future. She presented statistics on the challenges faced by international professionals and provided ways to overcome them.

Mikalai Vincheuski

Mikalai has been involved in various student initiatives, such as AIESEC and DEGIS, and is now a self-employed leadership coach. During his presentation, he shared his journey from being a Belarusian student in Germany to becoming self-employed. The students were encouraged to recognize their own opportunities and find inspiration in his story.

She is a Business Development Manager at the Match Talent Initiative, which supports migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in their careers. In January 2023, Thamires became part of the founding team of Match Talent. She shared the experiences and insights gained through her entrepreneurial spirit in an inspiring manner with our participants, emphasizing integration-related aspects of her journey.

He is a political scientist, a long-standing member of AIESEC, and the 2023-2024 President of AIESEC Germany. He addressed the topic of “Cultural Understanding as a Key to a Better Future” and presented very interesting arguments regarding German reality and the conditions necessary for it.

Ximena is a Public Policy Master’s candidate at the Hertie School and the former Chairperson of Hertie Student Representation. Author of the book in Spanish “Toolbox for Strategic Political Training”, she has ample experience in democracy strengthening and the promotion of political participation. To encourage students to move with determination and autonomy in Germany, Ximena presented to them the importance of and opportunities for political engagement.

Business and economics student living abroad for over 5 years, worked in the local and national board with various international student organizations. LGBTQ community member and queer speaker

Computational engineering student at RUB, Bochum, living abroad for 6 years. Volunteered for Save the Children & Teach First. Stands for women in STEM and loves mentoring and supporting aspiring STEM candidates.

Our Sponsors and Partners

As a non-profit organization we are reliant on sponsors and partners in order to execute events such as the ISG Summit. This year we want to express our gratitude to the following companies and institutions that made this event possible:  

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