2022 ISG Summit

In July 2022, we at DEGIS took on the mission of delivering our first full in-person conference: the International Students in Germany Summit (ISG Summit). We dreamed of a space where international students living all over the country could meet, connect and build a better future for this community – and this dream for sure became a reality.

The 2022 ISG Summit brought together 20 delegates coming from 7 German cities representing 12 different countries.

Workshop and Keynotes

Beyond important networking opportunities, we had the pleasure of offering practical workshops, in which the delegates could reflect and implement important skills for a successful path in Germany.

One such instance was a group work in which they were asked to choose and discuss one important issue that international students face. They then presented their solutions to these problems to everyone else. This way they learn the attendees learn they’re not alone with their experience and find solutions in a self-determined and empowered way.

The first keynote “How to Coach Yourself” was held by then DEGIS National President, Mikalai Vincheuski. The attending students were inspired to envision a 5-year plan for themselves in order to reach their goals and a guideline on how to lay out the steps to achieve them. 

For the second keynote Mikalai was supported by the DEGIS Freising President at the time, Raj. Together they shared their experiences on how to pursue a career in Germany as an international student or graduate. The two conducted exercises of planning and role-playing to prepare our delegates for job applications and interviews.

Lastly, Carolina Figueiredo held a presentation on how to use social media for success. The delegates were introduced to the important basics of creating an online identity and brand. After they received the input, they were asked to put some of the information into action and create Instagram reels. 

Here you can check them out here: 

Reel “How to Cope With Loneliness”

Reel “How to Save Money”

Raj and Mikalai