Learn from My Mistakes

In this blog post, influencer Tonya explores some of the avoidable mistakes she made when first arriving in Germany. From overestimating her skills to bad financial decisions, she covers the basics and shares tips.

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Labour Law for Midi-Jobbers in Germany

Jibran explores the intricacies of midi jobs in Germany. Covering eligibility, differences from mini-jobs, advantages, and practical tips for securing one, it serves as a comprehensive guide for navigating the unique employment landscape in Germany.

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The Future of Jobs in Germany

Aarushi discusses the challenges and opportunities for international students in Germany’s job market, emphasizing its dynamic nature. The post provides insights into adapting to competition, stressing the significance of cultivating a strong professional network for success.

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Tips for a Succesful Career in Saxony

Pranavi explores how Germany is seeking to address its need for skilled workers. She introduces initiatives like Make it in Germany, community support, and company efforts, fostering integration and easing transitions for international talents.

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Address Basics and Anmeldung

Mastering Germany’s bureaucracy is essential for international students. This blog simplifies the intricacies of the Anmeldung process, emphasizing the importance of timely registration for crucial services like internet, phone contracts, banking, and residency permits.

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