Buddy Program

What is the Buddy Program?

The DEGIS Buddy Program is the largest initiative in Germany to connect international students in their first semester to more experienced students (international or German nationals).

DEGIS Buddy Program set sail in the winter semester of 2020/2021, pioneering the connection of ‘Incoming Buddies’ (newbies) with seasoned ‘Local Buddies’ (veterans) in Germany.

Our mission? The objective of this program is to support incoming students on their first steps by introducing them to a local community, and with that, promoting solidarity and a generally better experience for all

How Does It Work?

Registrations Open

Before the begining of every semester for local and incoming buddies

A yellow arrow pointing to the right
Buddies Match

After meeting the criteria, local and incoming buddies will be connected in batches

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Batches Support

Until the end of the semester, the local buddies will perform supporting tasks, periodically checked by DEGIS

Benefits of the Buddy Program

For Local Buddies
  • Expand your local community
  • Join a national network
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Get a volunteer certificate
For incoming Buddies
  • Connect with people during your first month.
  • Ask questions to those with similar experiences.
  • Make friends and become part of a community.

*Please note that registrations are not open all year. You can sign up for our newsletter to find out when registrations open.