Info Packages

Arriving in an unknown country can be challenging. Most especially when there is a language barrier, bureaucratic hurdles, different educational systems, a cultural shock, and so much is involved. 

Usually an international student in Germany would have to painstakingly find out everything they need to know themselves. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. DEGIS provides you will all the information you may need to find your way around your new home, university and job. That’s what the aim to do with our info packages. 

You can find additional information in our blog as well as our newsletters and on our social media channels. 

This is a 100% free online course to help you as an international student to know everything you need about life in Germany and how to have the best time here!

These are the classes included in the course:

  • First things to do after arriving
  • Mastering your studies
  • Financing your life and saving money
  • Making friends and connecting to people
  • Rocking your career

Join the virtual classroom here.