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International students in Germany often grapple with challenges like language barriers, cultural integration issues, financial constraints, and complex bureaucratic processes. These difficulties can lead to feelings of isolation, hinder academic performance, and impact mental health.

These issues make it less attractive for these skilled workers to remain in Germany – as many of them wish to do. Donating to non-profits supporting international students is crucial as it promotes inclusivity, diversity, and a more enriching educational experience.

Research shows that investing in diversity means investing in the economy. Donors can actively contribute to the breaking down of barriers and the creation of a globally connected community, emphasizing the value of diverse experiences within Germany.

We encourage everyone to learn more about Germany’s need for international students and the barriers these students face on our Stay Informed page. 

Donations are tax-deductible according to § 10b, paragraph 1 of the Income Tax Act (EStG). For your donation, we will automatically send you a confirmation of donation in April of the following year. Donations up to an amount of 300 euros can be claimed at the tax office without a confirmation of donation (donation receipt).

Donations to DEGIS gGmbH will be used to support our City Chapters and the National Team’s organization of events as well as covering administrative costs.

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