10 Places to Visit in Germany

by Rajdeep Singh

Germany is a beautiful country that conjures up recollections of prolonged walks in lovable forests and visits to historical sites.

Germany has an extensive and illustrious history, and there are many places to see and explore. As an international student in Germany you have the opportunity to explore the country in your free time. Here are ten places you have to see during your study experience in Germany: 


Schloss Neuschwanstein (see featured image) stands over the Bavarian woodlands like a myth fort. In reality, the Bavarian castle  served as a version of the fort in Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty, and you will understand why it is Germany’s highest photographed structure. The fort is magnificently crafted, architecturally and in phrases of regale ornamentation at the façade and withinside the interior. Ludwig II of Bavaria is accountable for commissioning the fort withinside the mid-19th century to function as a retreat, and he committed the fort to Richard Wagner as a result of his ardour for classical tune composed through the composer.


A flip of occasions on August 13, 1961, modified Berlin’s panorama for decades to come. The Berlin Wall, which was constructed to save East Berliners from fleeing the Soviet-managed East German state, has become an image of separation, dread, and worldwide tyranny from that day forward.

Today, components of the Berliner Mauer are not anything greater than graffiti-blanketed stretches of concrete and dilapidation, however, the sight is sufficient to attract heaps of travellers.

3. Garden of the World (Garten der Welt), Berlin-Marzahn

The German authorities ambitiously tried the improvement of Erholungspark Marzahn, a public park in Marzahn, and it became a tranquility in 1987. The final product is a totally precise combo of an oasis of tranquillity and cosmopolitan beauty, all in the confines of a bustling metropolitan reality.

The Chinese garden, which became totally designed and constructed through nearby panorama architects and artisans, is the most important of its type outside of China. A gothe garden will offer you the possibility to peer ponds, pavilions, watercourses, conventional architecture, and ceremonies representing nations which includes Italy and Korea. Certainly surprising paintings of artwork that each tourist to Berlin needs to see.

4. National Park Berchtesgaden

The Berchtesgaden National Park exemplifies nature because it has been broadly speaking untouched through human intervention. The countrywide park is largely a paradise of lush forests, crystal clear lakes, towering mountain faces, rolling meadows, and tranquil tiny settlements.

Trails can be well-marked to wind via the stunning environment, supplying alternatives for cycling, hiking, and Nordic walking.

5. Aachen Cathedral (Aachener Dom), Aachen

Aachen Church, regularly referred to as the “Imperial Cathedral,” finished in 935 and is the oldest cathedral in Northern Europe. Between 936 and 1531, the group functioned as the coronation church for 30 German kings and 12 German queens.

It became stimulated through church buildings positioned withinside the Eastern Holy Roman Empire and became constructed in the course of the Middle Ages even as being in addition adorned through later authorities, ensuing in a complicated and complicated architectural masterpiece. It was selected to be the last resting area for the illustrious medieval emperor, Charlemagne, and has encouraged many next German buildings.

6. Sylt

The oddly referred to as Sylt epitomizes solitude, converting sand dunes, nail-biting surf, a comfortable attitude, fantastic lighthouses, and plenty of sunshine.

Sylt, which lies on an elongated piece of land on Germany’s northern coast overlooking the North Sea, is visible as a pleasant aggregate of exuberant nature and world-elegance glamour, with high-elegance boutiques, bustling restaurants, and tranquil coves witnessing wave after wave of travellers during summer months. At the very least, the perspectives are mesmerizing.

7. Burg Eltz, Rhineland-Palatinate

Many that flock to Burg Eltz in Rhineland-Palatinate describe it as Germany’s maximum stunning fort, exemplifying what historic courtyard romanticism needs to be approximately. The fort creates a placing impact, and its miles are one of the few medieval fortifications in Europe that have survived definitely intact.

The conical towers arise gratifyingly from the lushness of the Elzbach valley, and the ornate Gothic ornament is nicely, really well worth the attempt of climbing the hill.

8. Herrenchiemsee Castle (Schloss Herrenchiemsee), Chiemsee

When King Ludwig II of Bavaria bought Schloss Herrenchiemsee in 1873, he meant to construct a Royal Palace withinside the center of Bavaria’s finest lake. It’s additionally now no longer a wonderful decision, thinking about the venue’s breathtaking beauty.

Schloss Herrenchiemsee, which translates to “New Palace,” became the king’s very last and maximum bold undertaking, requiring greater money and time than his different castles. The fort is the embodiment of excess, luxury, magnificence, and vanity, and even as it’s miles modelled after Versailles, it abounds with gold and needs to now no longer be missed, even for the beautiful area for the palace alone.

9. Würzburg Residency (Würzburger Residenz), Würzburg

The surprising Würzburg Residence, withinside the Baroque architectural style, became created handiest because of Archbishop Johan von Schonborn’s unquenchable and very curious goals for a surprising edifice.

Among the ones worried about its improvement had been the maximum eminent architects from Germany, France, and Austria, and the end result became an extensive U-formed palace with three hundred rooms. The luxurious interiors need to be visible to be believed, and the nicely-saved grounds wrap across the fort in an all-encompassing way. The mansion is likewise a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10.Upper Middle Rhine Valley (Oberes Mittelrheinthal)

For millennia, the Middle Rhine Valley has fostered cultural shifts among the north and the Mediterranean, serving as certainly considered one of Europe’s maximum vital transportation corridors. However, the higher forty-mile (sixty-five km) segment has given a limitless delivery of suggestions for artists.

The area, which is wealthy in sun-sopping wet vineyards, medieval villages, and fantastic castles, exemplifies the excellent courting that people might also additionally have with their environment. To revel in and study the location from the first-rate viewpoint, journey through the boat, ideally aboard the closing of the Rhine’s ultimate paddle steamers.

Rajdeep Singh is studying Brewing and Beverage Technology at the Technical University Munich. He started the City Chapter Freising/Munich and was the City Chapter president for two years.

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